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What's in the Name?

Mission Tactical Ops was the name created, with the help of Ian Carroll from Building Contenders, for an activation project while attending his school of "Emerging Apostles Intensive".  During his courses, I received a clearer understanding of the five fold ministry, I developed the desire to create a blog and learned so much more which added to my abilities of equipping others.

The breakdown of the name is: "Mission" which stands for the mission field that we all have been commissioned to minister to others in. The word "Tactical" which means planned, calculated and strategic because we were all uniquely created by God for a specific purpose as a part of His strategic plan in life.  Lastly, the word "Ops" which is a term used for special operations, something we can only do by grace with the proper equipping, training and activation of God's Word. ​

- Randall P Garretson

Mission Tactical Ops
Why, What and How?

It is my desire to encourage and help equip people to recognize and fulfill the plan that God designed and created them to do.  The intention of this blog is to share our many testimonies with the hope that they inspire, excite and develop a hunger in others to go after the purpose that God placed in their heart. 


The word testimony means a "formal written or spoken statement".  Father God desires all of us to share testimonies of His goodness with others.  Testimonies involving God, charge the atmosphere that they are shared in.  Therefore, as you read or hear the testimonies of others, pay close attention to what stirs inside of you.  I believe that stirring is the Holy Spirit igniting a passion in you to go after the plan God created you specifically for.  The world needs more of you in it and all of Heaven is cheering you on to step into your passion and purpose. 

For many years I have recorded in a journal the awesome things God is done, shown and accomplished through me and my wife out of His amazing love for us and especially His love for others. We have been a witness to or have been included in many acts and displays of His goodness.  I have found that sharing those testimonies is a powerful tool that gives evidence of how good God really is and gives evidence of His existence to those who don't know Him. 


It is my prayer that you radically encounter God to a greater level than you ever have before by doing what He placed in your heart to do. Additionally, I pray that you are filled with boldness and courage to take a risk and live out the purposeful adventure He has waiting for you through it.

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